Saturday, June 18, 2005

Back to the "signle" state

Yeah! I am back to single!

You may wonder why I sound so happy here. Honestly, I am half happy and half sad. Maybe when you guys break up with your partner, you may feel like myself now -l somewhat relieved, somewhat lonely, and somewhat empty.

I am not goint to list reasons on why and how things went wrong. When a relationship breaks up, sometimes there is no apparent reason, and sometimes there are very clear reasons.

To make reasoning simple, we were just not meant to be. What we wanted from one another were different. I still feel young inside and want more adventure while she wanted to settle down. In other words, she probably looked for a marriage while I never ever thought about being married to someone. Our expectations on each other were totally off. Sure, we could have kept the realtionship a lil' bit longer, but it probably didn't mean anything. It was destined to be broken, unless one of us changed. We never changed, so things just happened.

I think a lot of people in my age go through the same problem that I've just experienced. I don't know about in other cultures, but in Asian culture, it sure does happen a lot. I don't know why, but girls in mid-20's start to look for guys whom they expect to be their husband. Maybe that's the way of life it's been in our culture, or they may think they will lose their "value" and appeals to guys if they go past their mid-20's. They may think they will lose their guys to someone younger and more sexy (but then, they were also young as well some years ago, too.) You ladies can call me a fool, asshole, or whatever, but I think they reason you ladies are like that is because you have zero confidence in yourself. I mean if you are good at what you do, and if you are self-independent, why bother looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with? Last but the least, marriage is not supposed to be a way of escaping from your headaches and hardships of now. I see many many girls like that, and to those, screw yourself. Your chance of finding a wise and right guy is like a finding a defect in a "6-sigma" product. You will probably end up with some lowlife strangers or a guy who will not even spend half an hour with you in a day.

p.s. I hope no girls that I know read this.. haha. And for now, let's enjoy being a single. I can just do whatever now. I don't have to count for any anniversaries, celebrate any strange days, or try to guess what your mood is today and please you.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Real Estate Jackpot Sweeping Across the Town

It's no good to go against the power of free trade/market.

If gov't tries to do something that goes against the way the free market goes, it's probably going to be unsuccessful. It may seem successful initially, but eventually, it will fail. It's happened numorous times in the history of mankind. One may say it's everything we learn in Economics class as well, at least if we've taken the course in U.S. or Canada. (I guess other more socialist countries may have different views and teaching... I don't know.. )

Yeah, yeah, in Economics, we make so many assumptions, the "rule" has to work. That reasoning is somewhat true. But then, when we do actually learn Economcis, it all seem to make sense.

Anyways.... What's happening with some real estate markets here is very interesting. There are some areas where real estate business has been going nuts. In other words, price of housing has gone up rapidly. It's like you gain 10-20% within a matter of few weeks. But then, when I think about it, it's happened all the time. 20 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, now...

The gov't tries to settle down the market by ... I don't know what they do exactly, but they implement some policies that will prevent people from buying and selling real estate in some areas that's gone nuts the most. Guess what happens next? People go to the area next to it and do the trading there. Those areas are going nuts. Same thing happening just across the street.

If the gov't really want to prevent people from doing "speculative" real estate trading, maybe they should implement and reinforce more strict taxation as well as much higher interest, say raise the long term interest by 5% or something.. By doing that, people won't be able to buy real estate with borrowed money. But then, they can't raise the interest 'cause they think Korean economy is quite screwed right now. Higher interest will screw up the economy even more.

Anyways. It's an infinite loop of madness. They may want to leave the market as it is, but they have to do something. After all, they get paid to do what they do. They can't just sit there and do nothing, even though it's the best way. People simply won't accept it.

However, I think the gov't should just let things happen. Just ignore the people who accuse you of doing nothing. :-) If someone turns 100%, 200%, 1000% profit within a year or whatever, fine. If the price of housing has gone up very high in some areas, so be it. Just make sure living or keeping a real estate in those areas costs like hell as well. (i.e. make people pay 5-10% of their real estate's current value every year as their real estate tax) That way, only the richest of the richest will be able to afford to live in those areas and "not quite the richest" people won't be able to fuck around with real estate. Those who can't afford will look for somewhere else to live. I mean, we can't all live in the fanciest and nicest parts of the city, just like not everybody can afford to live in Downtown-Midtown Manhattan or the nicest part of London. And if they think bubble's building up, let it happen. It may pop someday and let someone get fucked big time. People will learn the lesson hard ways. Just let it be, like in equity trading. . (It seems like people get screwed a lot in equity trading, but not quite a lot in real estate market... Maybe that's why people here are screwing around with real estate market a lot here.)

Friday, June 10, 2005

Growing up

Being and working here is somewhat a new experience for me. Even though I spent many of my early years here, there are times when I find things here strange and unfamiliar. Sure, I've known and heard of it all, but then spending almost 10 years in North America has its effect on me. Slowly but stedily, I am getting used to the lifestyle here, though.

Anyways, this is not the point that I wanted to talk about today.

I often miss my days at the University, and from talking to my friends, they all do. We are all over the place, and I wonder if we will ever get a chacen to get together in one place at one time. If it ever happens, it's going to be really special for all of us. But then, when I think about how far we are all apart and how some of us are really busy with our lives, I think the chances of us getting toegether are very slim.

When we were in school, we saw each other every single day. We went thru some painful moments of struggling with school, money, girls, and whatever. But we were all together. We studied together, we played together, we drank together, and.. we could see one another whenever we wanted. By then, we never knew if this time would ever come. However, it's all here. We are busy with our works and so on. And after few years, few of us will probably get married and have some kids as well. By then, we'll probably have a even more difficulties in having a reunion. Some of us will say "Oh, today's my wife's mom's birthday." "Oh, I have to look after my baby." and so on...

Like we dreamed once, maybe one of us should win a $30million lottery and buy that crappy and old apartment and renovate it with night clubs, arcades, bars, restaurants and so on. And let's not forget the drive to the $5 chinese restaurant with our "possible" rides - 360 Modena, S600, Aston Martin DB9, Murcielago, Range Rover, and Escalade with 24 inch bling bling rims and jacuzzi installed. hot chicks in bikini should be in jacuzzi, of course.

Anyways, all of this sadness is proably just a part of growing up.

I wish time have stopped at two, three years ago. But it did not and will not happen and we will probably have to adjust to this natural phenomenon of time and getting old.

Oh, I miss my boys and our time.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

A long and hard road ahead...

I just got back from work.
I get a call from my co-worker.
He's telling me that we've been "ordered" to show up at work tomorrow by someone at near the top.

Oh, well. I've got something to do, I told him. Well, but he couldn't do anything for me. I told myself that I talk to our boss directly, and I just did.

Man, this sucks. This is no good.

I don't like this, or maybe I will get used to it eventually. After all, this is one of the "horror" stories that I've heard about working in an Asian company in Asia.

Well, just sitting in front of the computer doesn't necessarily mean that the person is actually doing something "productive." I don't know if people up there understand that...

Or I may have to become a devoted Christian, and hopefully they won't try to screw up my Sunday no more.

Or maybe I could convert myself to become a Judah... I heard from one of my buddies that they have many many holidays and he's seriously considering to become Korean-Canadian-Jew -_-, if it is ever possible.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Start of something

Hello, all.

I've finally arrived at this point of life, when I become a part of many people who do their blogs.

Well, the path that took me here is quite interesting, in my opinion. It is a Saturday afternoon. I am at work, doing nothing. I am too tired and sleepy, 'cause I haven't gotten much sleep, plus I am just recovering from the hangover from the drinking with my University buddies the night before. All of sudden, I tell myself that to visit for no reason. And then they have some explanations about how to build a blog and they have the link to

Well, none of the stuff that I've been thru is not very interesting.. I know that. But, then, I realize this is operated/owned by Google. That's right. Microsoft basically took me (and probably many other people) to a part of Google "Empire."

After all, they were all friends, or weren't they? What if Microsoft and Google join their forces?
Is this the start of something really big? Hmm.. I don't know.. What's your thought on "void merge (Google, Microsoft)"?

Anyways, I hope to update my blog maybe every two other days. So stay tuned.