Saturday, June 18, 2005

Back to the "signle" state

Yeah! I am back to single!

You may wonder why I sound so happy here. Honestly, I am half happy and half sad. Maybe when you guys break up with your partner, you may feel like myself now -l somewhat relieved, somewhat lonely, and somewhat empty.

I am not goint to list reasons on why and how things went wrong. When a relationship breaks up, sometimes there is no apparent reason, and sometimes there are very clear reasons.

To make reasoning simple, we were just not meant to be. What we wanted from one another were different. I still feel young inside and want more adventure while she wanted to settle down. In other words, she probably looked for a marriage while I never ever thought about being married to someone. Our expectations on each other were totally off. Sure, we could have kept the realtionship a lil' bit longer, but it probably didn't mean anything. It was destined to be broken, unless one of us changed. We never changed, so things just happened.

I think a lot of people in my age go through the same problem that I've just experienced. I don't know about in other cultures, but in Asian culture, it sure does happen a lot. I don't know why, but girls in mid-20's start to look for guys whom they expect to be their husband. Maybe that's the way of life it's been in our culture, or they may think they will lose their "value" and appeals to guys if they go past their mid-20's. They may think they will lose their guys to someone younger and more sexy (but then, they were also young as well some years ago, too.) You ladies can call me a fool, asshole, or whatever, but I think they reason you ladies are like that is because you have zero confidence in yourself. I mean if you are good at what you do, and if you are self-independent, why bother looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with? Last but the least, marriage is not supposed to be a way of escaping from your headaches and hardships of now. I see many many girls like that, and to those, screw yourself. Your chance of finding a wise and right guy is like a finding a defect in a "6-sigma" product. You will probably end up with some lowlife strangers or a guy who will not even spend half an hour with you in a day.

p.s. I hope no girls that I know read this.. haha. And for now, let's enjoy being a single. I can just do whatever now. I don't have to count for any anniversaries, celebrate any strange days, or try to guess what your mood is today and please you.

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fates said...

형.. 요즘에 바빠요??
이번 주말에 다시 서울 올라갈려구요.. ( __)a