Friday, June 10, 2005

Growing up

Being and working here is somewhat a new experience for me. Even though I spent many of my early years here, there are times when I find things here strange and unfamiliar. Sure, I've known and heard of it all, but then spending almost 10 years in North America has its effect on me. Slowly but stedily, I am getting used to the lifestyle here, though.

Anyways, this is not the point that I wanted to talk about today.

I often miss my days at the University, and from talking to my friends, they all do. We are all over the place, and I wonder if we will ever get a chacen to get together in one place at one time. If it ever happens, it's going to be really special for all of us. But then, when I think about how far we are all apart and how some of us are really busy with our lives, I think the chances of us getting toegether are very slim.

When we were in school, we saw each other every single day. We went thru some painful moments of struggling with school, money, girls, and whatever. But we were all together. We studied together, we played together, we drank together, and.. we could see one another whenever we wanted. By then, we never knew if this time would ever come. However, it's all here. We are busy with our works and so on. And after few years, few of us will probably get married and have some kids as well. By then, we'll probably have a even more difficulties in having a reunion. Some of us will say "Oh, today's my wife's mom's birthday." "Oh, I have to look after my baby." and so on...

Like we dreamed once, maybe one of us should win a $30million lottery and buy that crappy and old apartment and renovate it with night clubs, arcades, bars, restaurants and so on. And let's not forget the drive to the $5 chinese restaurant with our "possible" rides - 360 Modena, S600, Aston Martin DB9, Murcielago, Range Rover, and Escalade with 24 inch bling bling rims and jacuzzi installed. hot chicks in bikini should be in jacuzzi, of course.

Anyways, all of this sadness is proably just a part of growing up.

I wish time have stopped at two, three years ago. But it did not and will not happen and we will probably have to adjust to this natural phenomenon of time and getting old.

Oh, I miss my boys and our time.

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