Saturday, June 04, 2005

A long and hard road ahead...

I just got back from work.
I get a call from my co-worker.
He's telling me that we've been "ordered" to show up at work tomorrow by someone at near the top.

Oh, well. I've got something to do, I told him. Well, but he couldn't do anything for me. I told myself that I talk to our boss directly, and I just did.

Man, this sucks. This is no good.

I don't like this, or maybe I will get used to it eventually. After all, this is one of the "horror" stories that I've heard about working in an Asian company in Asia.

Well, just sitting in front of the computer doesn't necessarily mean that the person is actually doing something "productive." I don't know if people up there understand that...

Or I may have to become a devoted Christian, and hopefully they won't try to screw up my Sunday no more.

Or maybe I could convert myself to become a Judah... I heard from one of my buddies that they have many many holidays and he's seriously considering to become Korean-Canadian-Jew -_-, if it is ever possible.

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