Friday, June 03, 2005

Start of something

Hello, all.

I've finally arrived at this point of life, when I become a part of many people who do their blogs.

Well, the path that took me here is quite interesting, in my opinion. It is a Saturday afternoon. I am at work, doing nothing. I am too tired and sleepy, 'cause I haven't gotten much sleep, plus I am just recovering from the hangover from the drinking with my University buddies the night before. All of sudden, I tell myself that to visit for no reason. And then they have some explanations about how to build a blog and they have the link to

Well, none of the stuff that I've been thru is not very interesting.. I know that. But, then, I realize this is operated/owned by Google. That's right. Microsoft basically took me (and probably many other people) to a part of Google "Empire."

After all, they were all friends, or weren't they? What if Microsoft and Google join their forces?
Is this the start of something really big? Hmm.. I don't know.. What's your thought on "void merge (Google, Microsoft)"?

Anyways, I hope to update my blog maybe every two other days. So stay tuned.

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