Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cluster/Grid Technologies. Who uses them?

PBS Pro, LVM, Mosix, SSI, IBM's Load Leveller, etc...
I never knew exactly who actually are using these stuff.

But after meeting some vendors who try to re-sell some clustering software, I realized most big companies are using or planning to use some sort of clustering software.

One thing that I am 99.9% certain is that any big businesses who make their living by working with numbers ($$$) - financial insitutions, banks, insurance companies, etc. - all use some sorts of grid/clustering technologies.

By the way, I wonder how much they pay for those pieces of software... but I am sure it's probably way more than I can imagine... maybe in the range of a few thousand dollars per piece. Sure building clustering s/w is not so easy, but it's not exactly a rocket-science, in my opinion.

The best that I have encountered so far, in terms of features? OpenSSI!!
Its problems? Scalabilities and High Availability features.
And those are pretty big factors when choosing a clustering software and maybe they are why OpenSSI is not used as widely as we thought.

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