Monday, January 29, 2007

Higher in the ladder...

I've been working at a various companies or government jobs for almost 3-4 years.
One thing I have noticed is the difference between people's commitments to their works. This is very much like an economics question. Everyone has got different value, or different motivation, and that difference is why people behave differently at work.

Over the years I have found that people that are more "intense" at work are often higher in the ladder. If they score big, they will get rewarded big time. But if they screw up, they will get nailed big time, too. So they work hard and they want others to work hard because it makes the score big.

People who are super intense at work - for example, sweating to death or saying f-words if things go wrong - are most likely high managers or directors. Why? because if things go wrong, they will probably be fired or brought down from their positions. For the working drones at the bottom (e.g. me!), the rewards or punishments are not as big as those of the higher in the ladder and it's probably the reason why people at the bottom are more friendly and less intense at their work.

So don't go mad even if your boss or your companies directors scream at you. They are just scared - more scared than you are because of the fears of what they'll lose.

If you were in that situation, you would've done the same thing (even though you swear that you will not be like one of them, now.) and I think it's just a very natural thing.

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