Wednesday, February 28, 2007


For this 9-10 minutes, I couldn't help myself standing still and just watching the TV. A performance like this makes me think about all those times that I've tried NOT to take music lessons. If I had a sense of appericiation and mind or saw performances like this when I was a kid, I might as well be a pretty good amateur musician now.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How to write a document that sells.

1. A short introduction.

2. Explain current situation -> problems and challenges that users/customers are faced with but do not realize they are really up against them. In other words, you have to find/create needs for them!

3. Offer various solutions that are available.

4. In the end, give your solution that beats all others.

A good example :

Sunday, February 11, 2007

How fast can Hyundai manufacture a car?

- Jan 30 : I met a dealer nearyby my place and said I would like to get a 07 Hyundai Click (This car is not available in U.S. and Canada)
- Jan 31 : He put an order
- Feb 3-4 : A Weekend
- Feb 6 : My car is done built.
- Feb 7 : Delievered to me.

So it took like 3-4 days for Hyundai to manufacture my car.

Pretty quick, isn't it?

Monday, February 05, 2007

How quick will Google search engine be?

I just typed "tkang blogspot openssi" in's search box to see if my previous post can be searched. Of course, Google search gave me no result since I uploaded my last post few minutes ago.

It will be interesting to see how long it will take for Google to search for my previous post.

Finding the best node in OpenSSI cluster

When programming with OpenSSI's API (cluster.h & /lib/, there are times when you want to find out the best available node. There are two ways to find the best node.

1. Easy way - Use CLUSTERNODE_BEST macro

- Defined in cluster.h file.
- Returns physical memory address that points to the node number with the lowest load level, hence printf ("%d", CLUSTERNODE_BEST) will print some strange number.
- The speed at which this value gets updated is slow.
- Can't exclude nodes --> a node will be picked from all available nodes.

2. Alternate method - write your own function!

How do we know load levels of nodes?
- *_/proc/cluster/nodeN/load{_}* file contains node N's load level, hence we will compare all values and find the lowest node number.
- This is also useful if you want to find the best node from a specified group of nodes.
(e.g. Pick the best node from all nodes except for master node (Node 1))

I prefer to use #2 because it gives me more control. It is probably more costly to use, though.

system() vs fork()-exec()

system() vs fork()-exec()

system() :
- Uses a shell and the shell does the actual execution
- Dependent on the currently used shell.
- There will be two processes created as a result.
- Not as efficient.
- Easier to use?

fork()-exec() :
- No shell used - only one process will be created
- A little bit more complex to use.

If you want to run some commands with pipe operations (e.g. |, >>, <) then using system() is probably much easier.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Samsung's MP3 Player?

Samsung is promoting their new mp3 players a lot. They appear in a lot of music videos these days. Pretty good marketing, indeed!

About iPod's Reliabilities

Is iPod a reliable product?
From my experience, it's not so reliable.

My last iPod with 20G hdd is dead after about 1+ years of use. Too bad it broke down after a year. What's even worse was to fix it, it would have costed a lot of money to fix it since it's more than a year old. So, like many others who have a broken iPod's with its warranty expired, I ended up buying a new one.

This new one (4G iPod Nano) that I have is starting to show some signs of.... rustiness. Today, it just got hung up. I couldn't turn it off, I couldn't do anything with it until I plugged the USB sync cable.

Would I buy another Apple product? Probably. Apple products are sort of like Italian or British cars. They are very elegant in design and there's something about them that keep attracting people.
I know Apple products are probably not very sturdy and will break down after a year or so, but I will probably give it another try until someone else comes up with their level of "coolness"

By the way, I think Apple really gives no shit about building sturdy products.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Time to unload e-bay stocks?

Isn't it time to unload e-Bay stocks?

First of all, I do not own a single stock of any companies right now. Nor am I in any position to influence not even a single stock.

My reason on why you should unload e-Bay stocks now is very simple.

e-Bay is not like what it used to be. It sucks. Big time.

There are just too many phony cheaters out there in e-Bay, and more and more people are turning their backs on e-Bay and go to some other sites like when they want to buy something online.

BBQ recipe for $0.19!!! No S&H charge!!! (or course, you morons, e-mailing doesn't cost a penny!!)

Normally, when people wants to buy something from a seller on e-Bay, the first thing they do is to check the seller's rating. The problem right now is that there are just freaking too many meaningless positive ratings. If you investigate closely, a lot of those positive ratings are for selling/buying some useless/valueless stuff - like "my recipe for making a cookie." "a poem my 3 year old kid wrote." "serial number for whatever". Of course, they are very cheap - something in between $0.01 and $0.99. It's basically buying positive ratings for pennies. There are just so many of those cheaters out there with 1000+ positive ratings, a lot of people including myself would rather go to other places rather than taking a chance with them even if it may be slightly more expensive to shop somewhere else. Not to mention those assholes who sell fake stuffs.

So unless e-Bay does have some actions in plan to fix the rating systems or penalize those cheaters, it's probably a good idea to sell your e-Bay stocks if you own any because more and more people are turning away from e-Bay.