Sunday, February 04, 2007

About iPod's Reliabilities

Is iPod a reliable product?
From my experience, it's not so reliable.

My last iPod with 20G hdd is dead after about 1+ years of use. Too bad it broke down after a year. What's even worse was to fix it, it would have costed a lot of money to fix it since it's more than a year old. So, like many others who have a broken iPod's with its warranty expired, I ended up buying a new one.

This new one (4G iPod Nano) that I have is starting to show some signs of.... rustiness. Today, it just got hung up. I couldn't turn it off, I couldn't do anything with it until I plugged the USB sync cable.

Would I buy another Apple product? Probably. Apple products are sort of like Italian or British cars. They are very elegant in design and there's something about them that keep attracting people.
I know Apple products are probably not very sturdy and will break down after a year or so, but I will probably give it another try until someone else comes up with their level of "coolness"

By the way, I think Apple really gives no shit about building sturdy products.

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