Thursday, February 01, 2007

Time to unload e-bay stocks?

Isn't it time to unload e-Bay stocks?

First of all, I do not own a single stock of any companies right now. Nor am I in any position to influence not even a single stock.

My reason on why you should unload e-Bay stocks now is very simple.

e-Bay is not like what it used to be. It sucks. Big time.

There are just too many phony cheaters out there in e-Bay, and more and more people are turning their backs on e-Bay and go to some other sites like when they want to buy something online.

BBQ recipe for $0.19!!! No S&H charge!!! (or course, you morons, e-mailing doesn't cost a penny!!)

Normally, when people wants to buy something from a seller on e-Bay, the first thing they do is to check the seller's rating. The problem right now is that there are just freaking too many meaningless positive ratings. If you investigate closely, a lot of those positive ratings are for selling/buying some useless/valueless stuff - like "my recipe for making a cookie." "a poem my 3 year old kid wrote." "serial number for whatever". Of course, they are very cheap - something in between $0.01 and $0.99. It's basically buying positive ratings for pennies. There are just so many of those cheaters out there with 1000+ positive ratings, a lot of people including myself would rather go to other places rather than taking a chance with them even if it may be slightly more expensive to shop somewhere else. Not to mention those assholes who sell fake stuffs.

So unless e-Bay does have some actions in plan to fix the rating systems or penalize those cheaters, it's probably a good idea to sell your e-Bay stocks if you own any because more and more people are turning away from e-Bay.

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