Tuesday, March 27, 2007

OpenSSI on SATA HDD controller

OpenSSI Kernel (version 1.9.2) comes with a number of SATA driver modules.
The most common SATA driver used is ata_piix.ko

Here are the issues that I've had this driver.
Apparently, the situation is as follows.

1. Dell Dimension 8150C - requires ata_piix.ko ver 1.05
2. Fedora Core 3 comes with ata_piix.ko version 1.03 --> You can't install FC3 on Dell 8150C with a "normal" way.
3. CentOS 4 comes with ata_piix.ko version 1.05 --> CentOS 4 can be installed nicely.

Note : Both Fedora Core 3 and CentOS 4 is on Kernel

4. OpenSSI comes with ata_piix.ko ver 1.03 --> Even if you could've installed CentOS 4 on Dell 8150, if you installed OpenSSI there and rebooted the machine, you are screwed because the new kernel image (OpenSSI) tries to load ata_piix.ko version 1.03.

Solution :
- Find and add ata_piix version 1.05 source code and its related files to the OpenSSI's source kernel tree.
- Rebuild the kernel.

But, the question is...
1. What files should I add/modify/update/delete?
2. What parts of the codes should I modify?
3. Is there any subtle difference in other related dependent files (e.g. scsi_mod)?

Since OpenSSI is not very widely used, there is no support from the h/w vendor or anybody, at least from anybody that I know of. I will probably dig everything by myself.

Arghhhhhh.... what a nightmare...
Linux sucks in a situation like this.

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