Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Video that puts smile on my face.

Watching the Brazillian players in this video makes me think
When you love what you do and enjoy doing your works, that's when you are becoming goot at something.

Motorola KRZR and my thoughts on...

About a month ago, I lost my cell phone - A black LG "Chocolate" phone. I got it when it first came out and I've had it for more than a year. Where did it go? It somehow slipped out of my pocket in a taxi on my way home from seeing my buddies.

So after about a month with a big, bulky, yellow! Casio phone that I digged out of my cousin's closet, I finally got a new phone - a black Motorola KRZR.

Having used that Casio phone, it's a huge upgrade in terms of how small it is and how it looks. Anyways, after many years of having used LG and other Korean made phones, this is my first taste of an American designed/engineered phone. Its material and finish is superb and I am quite happy with it.


It doesn't seem to have as many functions or features as Korean made phones. For example, it doesn't have as much internal memory as other phones here in Korea as a lot of phones come with from 512MB to 1GB of internal memory. Even my lost LG Chocolate Phone had 512MB.

By the way, I think Asian companies have a tendency to throw just about anything they have in their hands to a product and hope people will like it even though many of them probably will never use them at all. As for the internal memory, I have never used any more than 40-50MB when I had the LG phone.

I think American companies like to concentrate their efforts on few features - features that they think people will use the most - and just take out anything else. It is easier on engineers, too, as they have few things to work on.

Why is there this subtle difference? It's probably due to the consumers. In my opinion, American consumers like things that are simple and easy to use (think iPod!), yet Asian cosumers like things that are just fully loaded (even though they'll probably use it once or twice!)

Which one do I like better? I like products that have an excellent fit and finish, look good, have more features for the same money all at the same time! Am I too sophisticated? Probably not... I am sure we all want such products!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Going back to school..?

Lately, I've been thinking of going back to school for further study in a field other than computer / engineering related. Probably I am running into a so-called "3rd year salaryman crisis" as one of my friends at my last work described.

Last time when I visited my University, looking at the people with backpacks and books running around campus for classes made me think "geez... I don't want to go thru this again. Thank god I am out of school!"

I don't know what has happened to me since then.. maybe it's my desire to know more about economics / finance / business. I always thought those things were somewhat useless or could be learned better in a real world, but something has changed. Maybe it's books that I've read lately. But the bigger thing is that I finally realized that to be a better "engineering architect businessman" I have to know more about other sides - not just how to program multi-thread applications in object oriented ways using C++ in Linux. Also people who know both engineering and other stuff, both of them quite well, are in high demands, as there are just handful of them.

Oh well... I don't know if I can really go back to school, as there are things I will surely lose for something that is not 100% predictable. I have to begin my own analysis on opportunity costs of going back to school. And plus, I don't know if my marks in undergrad is good enough for getting me into some of the well-known, good schools. Plus..... this is sad facts, going to school is costing a lot!

Will I view it as a pure expense, or an investment? That, I have to do more investigations and analysis.

By the way, the schools that I wish to go to..
- London School of Economics (LSE) : I don't know.. I just have some fantasy about that school.
- Columbia University : NYC!
- Univ of Chicago : where "Freakonomics" authour teaches at!
- Univ of Toronto : hometown school. easier to get together with family and friends. plus tuition is the lowest among all as I am a Canadian.