Thursday, January 03, 2008

Arms Races..

It is almost true that Korean girls put more make-up than girls from other places. American / Canadian girls put make up on rare occasions but Korean girls put on a makeup almost everytime they go out - to schools, to work, to see friends, etc.
The good thing about Korean girls' trend is that they get better at putting on a makeup. The bad thing is.... they have to spend time and effort for their makeup's and their skin gets no better. I mean, compared to Korean girls raised and lived in North America, the Korean girls raised and lived in Korea are more stylish, but look somewhat older because of their makeup and somewhat more aged skins.

The way Korean girls put on makeup, it's like an arms race. Because every other girl does it, a girl in Korea has to do it, too. However, if everyone stops doing it, then everyone would stop it, just like a lot of girls in North America.

Why don't they stop it, then? Well... Girls want to look beautiful and the definition of "being beautiful" is in relative terms, just like a lot of other things in life. Thus, one can't stop until she is certain that everyone else (or majority of people) stops it. And everybody thinks like she does - "I'm not going to stop until others stop." and the cycle continues and everybody loses. :=(

Anyways, I think it's not easy to live as a girl in Korea and I often feel sorry for them.

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