Wednesday, October 28, 2009

E-mail from my sister

This morning, I got an email from my sister.
She said, the phone she was using died, finally.
It's one of the phones that I gave her 3~4 years ago - ones that I worked on in my last workplace.

She said it's kinda sad to see it go. I feel the same.

I replied to her - "Now, you can get a BlackBerry or iPhone!"

Friday, October 16, 2009

Google's Competitive Advantage

Google's Competitive Advantage.

Anybody who knows how backend infrastructures are built and managed by internet companies, they know Google's infrasturucture is no match for any other companies in terms of pure size and its ability to manage them more efficiently than anyone else.

Their system - an automated distributed system based on networks of cheap Intel-based servers - is the key to their success. Researchers can develop some fancy algorithms, but it's of no use if they cannot collect, host, and process data - lots and lots and lots of data - and Google's system can do the job better and more cost effectively.

Google's system can store and process far more data than anybody' elses. Sure one might say, throw in some mainframes and push the data into it and run the algorithm, but it'll be very costly. Also there is a limit on how much data one mainframe can host and process. Costs aside, it may be good enough for data generated in some enterprise, but it can never host and process data generated by millions of people on the internet.

Google's simple objective was to host, index, and process all the data on the internet. So they designed their system ground up to meet that goal. And they didn't have much money to buy some fancy big equipments like mainframe, either... But even if they did have money, they probably wouldn't have bought them anyway because they probably knew mainframe or any other supercomputer couldn't host the internet data.

How many servers do they have? Some say over a million. Some say over a few million. Nobody knows.
They probably don't have the exact number either. They probably don't care. They just throw in some cheap servers loaded with their customized software (e.g. Google File System, MapReduce, BigTable, etc.) into some datacenter that they own and just have them running.

Is there any other companies in the world who run as many servers as Google?
Not a chance, I would say. Sure there are now companies like Yahoo! and Facebook who deploy Hadoop-based distributed systems (an Apache Open Source project that cloned Google's system software), but their numbers are in the range of 1000's, not in the range of millions.

Google's true competitive advantage, in my opinion, is not in their algorithms or how many bright Ph.D's they have employed.
It's in their simple, cost effective, yet very scalable and powerful infrastructure.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Korean Beer vs Canadian Beer

Korean Beer
- They all taste the same - very light and "water-ry" but easy to drink. Think of Coors Light.
Maybe that's the reason why people mix it up with all sorts of other liquors.
- Not many choices. 5~6 kinds from 2-3 major brands.
- Not so strong. I can drink it all night long without problems, and not much hangover afterwards.
People say bar owners in Korea put water when they serve, but I hope it's not true. Even bottled beers don't taste too strong.

Canadian Beer
- Many choices from many different brands, big or small.
- Each has its own unique taste. I love Mooseheads light sweetness and Alexander Keith's strong taste.
- Quite strong. I sometimes go when I drink lots of Molson or Alexander Keith's, and quite a lot of hangover, too.

Well... can't say which one is superior. For chilling out with friends on a sunny afternoon, I would go with Canadian Beer. For a heavy drinking session that goes into early in the morning, go with Korean Beer.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Using Maven in Eclipse on Windows

Using Maven in Eclipse on Windows

1. Install Maven binary (mvn.exe)
2. Add Maven binary path to PATH env variable
3. Set JAVA_HOME path
- go to My Computer -> Property -> Advanced -> Environment Variable

4. In Eclipse, go to
Help -> Software Update -> Find and Install
set "Search for new features to install" and click on Next button

5. Add "New Remote Site"
- m2eclipse :
- Maven :

and install those plugins

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The art of shooting

"As long as I get a clear shot, a clear look at the rim, it's going in. No matter where it's from."

And then someone else says,

"My confidence in my game comes in my preparation.... In off days, just consistently shooting, no matter how many points you scored before, no matter how your body feels, just go out there and shoot it. When the game comes, it's just a second nature and to me, the shooting is a second nature."


Trying to make 100,000 shots in a month and actually making it, then you could say such words. An absolute confidence in anything you do in life comes from such commitments.

Wondering who said those words?
watch this and listen closely to their words.

It's no wonder why they're superbly good at what they're doing.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Copying my scribbles?

I went to visit the blog of this guy that I once worked with, thinking how he's doing.
And I find this writing that look so familiar so I went to my own blog (here) and found the exact same writing that I wrote few years ago. That's right. He just copied and pasted it and posted it as one of his own.

Well, he's always acted as if he's some kind of big shots but all he does is copying stuff from other people's work with no citation or credit to the original authors.

By the way, my original writing had lots of grammar errors, and he was too dumb or lazy to do the corrections.

Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way.