Thursday, July 30, 2009

Korean Beer vs Canadian Beer

Korean Beer
- They all taste the same - very light and "water-ry" but easy to drink. Think of Coors Light.
Maybe that's the reason why people mix it up with all sorts of other liquors.
- Not many choices. 5~6 kinds from 2-3 major brands.
- Not so strong. I can drink it all night long without problems, and not much hangover afterwards.
People say bar owners in Korea put water when they serve, but I hope it's not true. Even bottled beers don't taste too strong.

Canadian Beer
- Many choices from many different brands, big or small.
- Each has its own unique taste. I love Mooseheads light sweetness and Alexander Keith's strong taste.
- Quite strong. I sometimes go when I drink lots of Molson or Alexander Keith's, and quite a lot of hangover, too.

Well... can't say which one is superior. For chilling out with friends on a sunny afternoon, I would go with Canadian Beer. For a heavy drinking session that goes into early in the morning, go with Korean Beer.